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Cloud Media Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2012 as an entity consolidating the operations of Syabas Technology, bringing Popcorn Hour brand.

The history of Syabas Technology can be traced back to 2001, whereby in the early years, the company quickly emerged as an early leader in the development of digital entertainment middleware solutions for consumer electronics manufacturers. Cloud Media launched the Popcorn hour consumer brand in late 2007, and, in the combination with its licensed platform, the company has captured as significant share of the global market for digital media players / streaming media devices.

In October 2007, Popcorn Hour brand was introduced and quickly became an award-winning box. The runaway success of the company’s Networked Media Jukebox in recent years has established Popcorn Hour as a well-recognized consumer brand.

Popcorn Hour Firmware Download Links:

A100 -

A110 -

A200/210 -

A300 -

C200 -

C300 -

V8 -

V10 -

A400 -

A410 -

A500 -

A500U -

A500Pro -

S210 -

S300 -

Popcorn Hour Application Software Download Links:

S210 -

S300 -

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